Thursday May 24, 2018

Sri Lanka to build over 1,000MW of solar, wind power plants in north

May 24, 2017 17:17 PM GMT+0530 | 3 Comment(s)

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka plans to build a hybrid energy park of 240MM of wind power and 800MW of solar power plants at Pooneryn in the island’s north as it seeks to increase its share of renewable energy.

The proposal made by the Minister of Power and Renewable Energy to implement the project in three stages was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers this week, the government announced.

“The appropriate investor to develop this energy park will be selected through a competitive bidding process where the successful bidder will be selected through technical and financial evaluations,” the statement said.

Studies conducted by Sri Lanka's Sustainable Energy Authority have identified Pooneryn in the Northern Province as a good area to develop a hybrid system.

Measures are also being taken to declare the Pooneryn area as a renewable energy development area according to the provisions of the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority Act.

The project will be developed in three phases, with l20MW of solar power and 150MW of wind power plants developed by 2022, another 100MW of wind power and 100MW of solar power developed by 2025, and the balance expected to be developed by 2030.

“By implementing the entire project, 1,800Gwh of electricity can be generated,” the statement said. “It can also reduce 1,050,000MT of carbon dioxide emission in power generation.”

The energy park management will be done by Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority, and the Ceylon Electricity Board will do the maintenance of transmission lines, system controls and control room operations.
(COLOMBO, May 24, 2017)


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  1. Abdul Hameed May 26, 07:52 AM

    Issue shares as a septate company.We Sri Lankans will buy them. Faster the production of this plant, more Forex reserves will be there for other resources.

  2. Abey May 25, 08:43 AM

    With all the crooks in the CEB govt is well advised to set up a separate authority for Solar Wind generation. CEB guys are the highest paid in the land and yet they steel., Go for new authority.

  3. Kannan May 25, 04:48 AM

    So new colonists from south are coming to the North to change the demography?

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